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Preparing an effective family budget

Job search tools, writing an effective resume and cover letter, available resources


Preparing yourself and organizing your affairs to be ready for the unexpected


Ways to teach your children scriptural application

Helping recognize warning signs of bigger problems before it’s too late

Credit repair resources, eliminating consumer debt


Emergencies in 72 hours or less

Helping those who are raising children at the same time they are taking care of parents


Studies have shown that families that play together, stay together. This class will give you ideas on how to get your family excited and involved in participating in a family night


Helping parents relate to their teenagers and establish good parent-child dynamics

Saving for car, home, retirement, college, and investing wisely

Acquiring and using food storage creatively


Every device now connects to the internet, with greater access for our challenge and greater risks associated with that access. This class will give you tips to help protect them.


Helping to find opportunities to be involved in your community and teach your children how to give service

How to deal with addictive behaviors of all types